September 5th, 2010

Matt Leffler


Jesus! You have NO idea how challenged I feel with him. I know I only seem to write when REALLY pissed off but Mike wont allow me to speak to him.

See tonight we got into an arguement about who he said he was told was at the house last night. I was like...what? Who said he was? He said Jarrett and then discribed a conversation that I had with Rob Preston and him. I wanted to point out that we were talking about something months ago. But he insisted. He wouldnt let me speak and thats something that just makes me mad beyond life.

The fact I am going to be yelled at to no end about a conversation that he doesnt even remember who was in it...( I was. I brought up the subject) I could have explained and painted the event but he wouldnt allow me to talk...over shouting and throwing insults. Biggest insult that as a guy who is so drunk he is hicupping every 10 seconds and thinks he can drive.

Earl;ier tonight he insulted a long time old friend of mine to my friends friend. It was my fault...cause I didnt tell him the guy I was talking to was with my friend who he was berating. I especially loved when he went all mature after I told him how it was really stupid...he said..."Then I'll never talk again." I shot back with how immature and obviously not going to happen. "Arguing to the absurdity." Is what I called it. I mean if you want to say something completely ignorant that takes my request..."Please dont attack old friends of mine." to ... I wont talk anymore this is immature and I cant continue to debate that.

Anyhow thats my peace