September 20th, 2010

Matt Leffler

100:07 SQL

So as ya may know I've been doing this intense run to get a BS in Information Technology. Worked in the field for years and while I've gona to school before I majored in PR.
In a year and a half I've basically finished it all. EXCEPT ... I have one test I have to pass with 74%. Relational Databases has been kicking my ass. First time I got a 53%, then 50% then didnt even show up for the 3rd try cause I figured I wouldnt pass, 4th try got a 70% and now have my 5th try Wednesday.
Its several sections ... in every section but 2 I score over 80 in one I score 100%. But SQL I consistently score 40%. I'm to the point that I will have a BS if I can get 2 SQL questions right and get the rest the same as I did last time. So close ... and so annoyingly far cause I consistently get 40%.
Been reading a different book this week hoping it makes better sense to me then the book school used.

Big annoyance ... I have no desire to pursue work in Databases...but I'm spending far more time studying them.