January 27th, 2011

Matt Leffler

Update ...

So rarely update on here when things are good and I am not drunk and stupid. Here's a quick note that goes against that trend.

1. Big Move - So after talking about it for years I am 1 week away from my last night at Norton Healthcare. Packing up Friday and moving into a nice 2 bedroom apt off Lakeshore Dr in Lakeview. Its location is insanely perfect and I really feel it will easily be home.

2. Jobs - have a job on par with the one I have now up there but want to move up. Talking to a few places about jobs that have titles more inline with my plans. Supervisor, Manager ... even team leader would be good.

3. School - not sure I put this in here but completed my BS in IT Oct. 2010, and now have been working away at an MBA ... should finish it about the sametime in 2011. I want to be a manager in a technical aspect ... so think that should catapult my career. For added extreme marketability seriously considering returning to school in once thats done to get a Masters of Science in Security Assurance. The program is certified by the NSA. So ... in theory this time next year I could be Matt Leffler of Chicago with his BS, MBA, MS and a manager pulling down the 6 figures. (Better with all the student loan debt)

4. Michael and I are still churning away at this life we have together. I do love him, he drives me insaine cause we are both pretty stubbourn direct people. But we seem to have a comfortable aggression.

Excited and ... confident, not optimistic but sure that this is all going extremely well for me and how I want to see myself. Alittle teary earlier tonight thinking about Louisville and my friends and family here...all the fights, all the love, all the laughing and all the becoming ... feel pretty blessed ... but also pretty exhausted as its high pace really to knock out a BS and Masters degree while full time employeed and as social as I have to be in 2 years.

Last pay period I worked 92 hours in Louisville, finished a couple grad classes, was in chicago for four days and ... that was hectic. But thats the environment I seem to work best in ... taking time to smell the roses seems to make me think I'm not moving forward fast enough and leads to some level of worthlessness. I'm an extreme individual, its either this or that.