May 14th, 2011

Matt Leffler

Chicago Update

So moved up here... to Chicago. Talked about it in here for years. And...been here for 4 months.

LOVE IT. Only thing making me wanna go back are dealing with my unsettled aspects of Louisville life. Like ...I'd fly in for 6 hours there and get the fuck back out. And then of course see mom. Dont think I updated here mom has breast cancer again. Found out 2 months after I left. XXX is her type ... chemo starts next week. She had her second mesectamoy last month just after having reconstruction on the the other side. That was hard ... I was there for her first ... before her ... was in the lobby before she arrived. Second time ... missed it.

Moved up here thinking I would find some awesome job, but havent so couldnt justify the flight after borrowing money from her for my rent.

Plus, in Louisville I felt so lost all the time. So much like I needed to be somewhere else, and now I am here and I think she knows that.

Anyhow ... love it her...and trying to be someone where I wanna be ... always felt Louisville held me by having half of what I wanted...or throwing up road blocks to hold me ... like some sinking sand trap I stepped in. Now I am free of it ... and I have a good reason to be there.

Always...conflict in a mind that runs as fast as mine.

Me lately....