July 2nd, 2011

Matt Leffler

100.03 Before the storm.

Getting geared up to hit the town with Mike. We generally dont have a good night but it appears we are gonna be just a couple so maybe it'll work out. We do better when focused on each other.

Still no regrets about the move to Chicago. 3 days will be my 5 months up here. I quit my job and took a better one, starts in a week. Plan to dedicate 3 days to school work towards finishing my MBA and then 4 days back in Louisville to revisit and connect with the people I miss. ( Only thing about Louisville I miss is the friends and family )

Mike is doing well at his work. He has been looking for condos for us to buy ... he keeps looking on our current street which I took as a sign he is happy where we are.

Its a process of settling into where we are and coming down from where we where. I was pretty displeased with the Louisville life and as we go Chicago is pleasing me more each day. I think weight is an indicator, I'm slowing coming down to where my vanity expects me to be. 180 was where I was when I got here and 168 is where I am now. Its just the life style changes between the two places.

I like how each day brings new people to meet, new places to discover.