September 10th, 2018

Matt Leffler

Good bye LJ ... I'm moving camps

Welp its time to say good bye to Live Journal.  Its not a goodbye to me posting my ramblings of course, its just that I've finally downloaded about 800 entries from here and have a domain I'm putting them up on and going to continue the conversation in an environment I control.  If there is one thing ya have to have learned about me its that I like to be the master of my technology.
Besides theres no one here anymore but Russians....seriously....and half my posts go up protected from nonsubscribers so the audience is down to just about me here.
Farewell ... its been a good 15 yrs of telling ya everything on my mind, I find it theraputic when I feel that the person I want to talk too isnt listening that I can say it here and maybe someone else will. It doesnt matter if Ive met you or will meet you it just feels good to thing someone understands you.