April 21st, 2019

Matt Leffler

40:12 No answer is an answer, and why do you care.

So I emailed someone how I felt they treated me and told them I wouldn't try to talk to them until they told me they could treat me as well as they would a stranger. 8 or 9 weeks now and every time I think of messaging them I remember they never said anything.
I did get a couple messages. One was an odd picture of a friend with nothing else. Then weeks later a single . just a period.
Figured it was a test but since it said nothing I have it the reply it deserved. None. I suspect they either expected me to fall but I'm holding true. If I can't be treated with something other than contempt, I don't need to be around for it.
Am I happier because of it...actually yes. Now in the last year I've shed a best friend who'd betray me, another who'd bleed me dry and a lover who was dedicated to hurting me.