November 17th, 2021

Matt Leffler

43:01 A life well lived

Theres a tree in Grandma and Grandpas front yard, if you havent noticed it in recent years…I encourage you to take a moment, and go to it…and just marvel at it. Its been there since I have been here, I noticed it the day grandma died … its easily 14 feet around, almost perfect for climbing, Im sure I tried too 30 years ago…I walked out to it, wrapped my arms around it .. to measure how wide it was, sure I looked ridiculous.  

Its about two of me…that suggests the tree is 280 years old. 1735 or so it started growing there...That would mean it was alive when Bach lived, it was a seedling when Daniel Boone was born. Its been there for all of grandmas 95 yrs of life. Its seen me grow up, it was there for each of our christmases at that farm, Danes wedding, it was there each time we begged Grandma to chased our car down the driveway (wed ask her to when we were young when we left … and shed humor us) … a display of how much she wanted us to stay… it saw so many birthday parties, it saw how much love that came from and into that house.  

Over the decades we had hay rides, births, grandpa becoming the master of his lodge ... i remember grandpa thanking her in his speech to the masons. Its easy to take for granted when something has always been in your life, that it wont always be there. There hadnt been a day in my life that woman wasn’t on this planet.

Aunt Terry told me “it will never be the same.” I told her she was right, and thats how its supposed to be.  

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