Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

4:43 I have a great ass

I must say that in the history of our manager can not recall anytime I customer told the employee...that it was one of his finer features.:-) lol....odd isnt it? lol. Way it happened was a customer came in one day and I briefly spoke with him about camera's and I could tell he Then of course i ran into him at the bathroom at the Connections. (our gay bar)....and of course...what happens but he shows up today looking for me to buy a notebook pad..retail 20 bucks. I also got a card if I wanted a new job, oh and he also said that his ex is 25. "he is 25. Your age actually." I needed the punch line to be repeated before I got it. (Matt prides himself on his wit...realize the same prefabricated story wont have as good an effect on me as someone else. So...well see what happens...I have a prediction...he'll be back for some other odd nick nake in one week. lol But historically my "daddy" is usually 4 yrs or so younger than me.
So Nashville went well. No fighting...he took care of me and I did him. In that I didnt get involved in a discussion over his work ethic his friends were having...I took the high road...and he watched out for me...checking that I was all happy while we were at this gay bar "Tribe." Good that we can be in the same place together...but find ourselves in a better place. oh and I got some really cute shirts.
I am outa here soon. Tristan already stopped in to remind me he is taking me out to dinner. I am off tomorrow...prolly spend it trying to clean alot around the house...its falling apart. and my stellar ass are gonna go. Take care all.

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