Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

4:44 Something stinks in Denmark

This message has a specific individual it is directed too. Why here? Cause I dont wanna deal with "his" issues anywhere else but in a virtual world.

In life we all have bad things that happen. And we all realize at some point our goal might not be able to be achieved with another person. But a defining aspect of who someone whether they focus on the good that is also, just as equally there, or whether they dwell in a self-pitty style. We all know how redeeming a person can be when they are seeking attention. Really makes people think twice doesnt it? I can be your biggest fan, and the last one that cares in the blink of my eye and the movement of your lips.

The reason for this posting. Trust lost between friends is everything lost. And...when dealing with two people's relationship...if your not in it, then stay on the sidelines where you belong.

And now on with the rest of the world. I dont want any replies to this. Verbally, by phone, mail, post, or pony. Just allow it to be known. Registered.

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