Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

36:01 Looking back and forward

Fuck off Live Journal. Your so myspace you really want to fuck up peoples journals. Leave it alone. ( It took some effort to post to my own journal)

I don't really care who reads my journal, live journal is trying to promote a dead thing. My best friend finger fucked my closest to a boyfriend. I think both of them are shit, and I don't plan to see either any time as both suck. I know I'm 36 and I should speak higher learning but no fuck this...they both suck so fuck both of them. Graham is a bad horrible person and Noah is a young guy who doesn't understand repercussions and I don't think I should see him again. Its mostly because of graham, who is a serial killer kinda, but I think ... without either I'll be better off. Ya he's my friend but he's a fucking asshole. Everyone I hangout with is dull and I'm bored. I can hardly stand it...I try to do new things and they miss it every time.

I literally requested a transfer with HP today to Dallas. I don't think I can stand another year with these idiots. I'll do what I should and only talk to 30 somethings. These fuckers are retarded.

---Reread it and...thats 100% how I feel.

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