Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

39:15 Leffler luck

I dont know if its karma or what I'm gonna call Leffler Luck. I finished my Norton interview ... the 3rd and found that there is a the glacier pace that Norton moves that means at least 3 4 weeks until that job may come together. I have a couple strong clients through Upwork though that continue to keep the lights on, but I'm not a guy who wants to keep the lights on I want to build the largest array of light and hold a party...speaking of which I may try and do something for the 4th. Last year we mildly set Tyler park on fire with our illegal display...:-) running from the cops. :-) But I'm off topic I got a a job right up my alley from the state of Kentucky...didnt get it but they called me so thats a good sign, interviewing tomorrow I'd be a technical trainer for them in house. I also am looking at a good job for me with the city and Brent messaged to ask about how it was progressing and he said he would look into the process for me. Its nice to have a councilman helping ya get employed. That job is also an exciting prospect...I like the title. ;-) Anyhow I fell a tad behind on rent and was stressing up until today I just happened to check the mail which I never check the mail and Kentucky has finally decided to give me my refund. Rent is covered for another month. Its funny cause I sent my taxes in Jan 31 and it was hap hazard with errors but after I redid the math correctly I think they would have owed me more ... and 5 months later I think they realized that too and just cut the check.
I always land on my feet. I dont know if its my smarts but I'd like to think its karma. Ive got a good circle of friends, often house guests...( selena still counts ) and at the end of the day I generally go to bed knowing that tomorrow I'll get up and keep it all going till I launch back into my comfort zone.
Leffler Luck.

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