Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

40:04 Growing Understanding Of Yourself Helps You Find A Partner

Side note...the new journal is at my old historic web address....I say hostoric cause its been around since 2003 ... its auto updated from here also so as I take control of it and style the way I want this will go...and its required as LJ is a Russian owned service now, with no support and if you're gay and speak positively of being gay youre inviolation of their laws.

By the way...fuck you Russia, Vladmir Putan and your authoritative laws.  I guess this is part of Making America Great ... Russia becoming shit and regressing to the 1980s successes that brought the collapse of your empire.    ( tempting them to shut me down )

With that house keeping noted...I know more about myself now and I know it will help me in finding the better match for me.  I'm not the other guys out there.

I'm unpredictable.
I act because I assume no one else will
I live with urgency because I'm 40 and I fear running out of time
I risk comfort for rewards
I risk rewards for more rewards but I always put alittle bit back from these bets
I'll never ask for anything I wouldn't give
I'll never expect more than I'd do
I'll never accept anything less than I would do
I wont punish honesty but I may reward a lie
I value experiences over things
I'm taken for granted and I may take others for granted...but brought to my attention I can correct
I prefer function over appearance
I'll never be happy with content
I dont assume I have to be told
I regret the things I havent done not the things I have
I fail and I'm proud of it, each failure shows I took the chance and am that much wiser
I love like I have never been hurt, because I wont let loss deminish the next opportunity
I'll make more money than 99% of the world but I will die pennyless.  Having spent everything on living my life.
I'm more loyal than self preserving
I'll excuse mistakes but patterns will errode my hope
When I've lost hope I replace and start a new ... a little wiser but just as open and passionately as before

Whoever I end up with will either be the same or love me for these things.


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