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The big news flash here is I plan to utilize these funds and my energies to move on from Louisville. I don't know the dates but this isn't where I belong, and everyday I feel it.

So Matts Good News

My feet dont touch the ground. So 2018 has been a rough year for me, physically, emotional, work, love and friends. BUT the deep it seems I am diving the higher and more sudden I always rise and its my optimistic belief in Karma and trying to show charity of heart and spoils of my wins when they are around. Lately fewer wins and some health issues possibly stress related but I think Ive decided to stop getting by and to get on up.
And work has bounced ... dont like to talk dollars but I I made more this week than I made the last month. And no reason thats changing ... also was invited to a job on Upwork thats 125% me and every step Ive taken fro 7 years. I dont have the job but I'll share some of why its mine.

The Latest New Contract?

Create a 7 hour Google Cloud Platform (GCP) training video course for beginners

Network & System Administration Posted Dec 2, 2018
We are looking a professional that has intensive experience using Google Cloud Platform to create a 7 hour GCP training video course for beginners. The majority of the tutorial should be screencast capture and narration describing what you are doing on the screen and Slides.

We will provide a full curriculum of this Google Cloud Platform tutorial and detailed instructions about what should be covered in each lecture.

My Response To Recording Video Lectures Teaching Google Cloud

Thank you for the invitation to your project. I think there are some really awesome connections between what you're wanting and what I enjoy doing and have done. At Enova Financial I went from the 3rd shift help desk guy to a position created specifically for me reporting to the CIO. I already had my BS IT when I started and I earned an MBA in Technology Mgmt but while a help desk manager I felt 90% of our calls were training not trouble so I got permission to lead new training courses and redo employee on boarding, I loved it. I was put in-charge of all software developers training and design ed a 6 week "camp" that was well regarded from the CIO to the interns. Around this time in 2012 I began working with cloud computing feeling it was the future. I completed my Master of Education in Instructional Design around this time. I also recorded over 100 Camtasia screen cast videos addressing common issues or new software for our company. I was transferred to Talent Management in the newly created position of Technical Trainer. It was a great experience but I wanted something more technical.
I took a position as a Software Training for Hewlett-Packard in 2012. I learned their Information Governance suite of software Control Point, HP Records Manager and HP Idol. I got to travel from Brisbane AU to Ellicotville NY and everywhere in between delivering training to mostly military and government agencies. It was a cool experience I was in the US Strategic Command at some point. HP split up in 2014 and I was one of 50,000 laid off.
I worked for 2 years at Accenture designing post graduate certificate online courses for a university's business strategy certificate program. It was a great experience as well but the project ended in November of 2017. .
Thats when I decided I wanted to learned Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services and get a job for one of those two companies. I never got there but I found some success here on Upwork and work full time for my clients. I have a 99% success rate on over 600 hours of client hours I also worked for a couple political campaigns building what one campaign manager described as a national campaign computing environment.
I extensively spend hours everyday on Google Cloud Platform its where I host my projects which are endless and every client seems to find that I just had to move them to it. No ones complained, I'm good at get them onboard and showing the "Whats In It For Me" moments, students have described as having "Titanic levels of patience" and the head Strategist of one campaign commented after the election that he's never had a resource like me available to him.
If you'd like to discuss the project more feel free to reach out here or you can schedule a call directly on my calendar at I also some documents and projects posted there and I operate as my cloud computing environment. I have CloudDNS, 7 or 9 servers that power about 105 domains. I use buckets, SQL servers, cPanel servers and Wordpress Multipress sites. Ive had high availability loud balanced WordPress server clusters with replication SQL servers running for web sites that no one visits...cause I felt the need to make it.

Interviews Were Rough As Louisville Didn't Get It

In job interviews people have acted like I wasted time on training and not more technology, in other interviews they act like I wasted time on technology and not training. People seemed didnt generally care for my experience using Camtasia to record my screen casts. They likely thought ... why is he wasting his time trying to learn AWS and Google Cloud computing. These folks are looking for a technical person to make training videos using Camtasia on Google Cloud Platform, seven one hour parts at 1000 a part. On top of my 8 other clients

There Q&A Section

Can you Describe your experience with Google Cloud Platform? how long have you been using GCP? How have you used GCP?

I started using Google Cloud Platform in Jan 2018 when I was working for a campaign and excel spreadsheets were crashing my computer. I had built a 55 column 500,000 row spreadsheet on voters and I used this to seed data in an SQL server there. Added every city transaction in the last 2 years as well as every "incident" in the last 10 years that police filed reports on and used this to produce heat maps using Google Fusion and Google Data Studio. My Google Data Studio graphs and charts were deeo dig downs on the voters I felt we needed to target and Google Cloud was the repository for those. I also created 2 cPanel web servers. I had also made an AWS environment and built a VPN from GCP to AWS.

Can you Describe your experience with screencast/video editing tools such as Camtasia? Do you have any of your previously recorded technical videos that you can share with me?

I've literally made hundreds of hours of technical trainings for a financial company, HP and Accenture. I used exclusively Camtasia and was also asked to teach Camtasia in a weekly workshop for coworkers. I have only one, they were all the property of those employers and then I didnt realize I'd ever benefit from a copy. is my more instructional design site. ( I found in interviews that the IT people thought I was too much a trainer and the trainers thought I was too much a technology I ended up just doing this on my own ) I haven't kept the site as up to date as I should but if you scroll down you'll see Presentations in the center of the page, clicking it opens a modal and you'll find Camtasia is a menu item....its a short video about access a course from a mobile device


Oh BTW Not Work Related...

Oh hey I made a new stupid site Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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