42:01 Almost Missed 2020 And The Worlds Gone Mad

If my archive links are an indication I was just over 2 weeks away from something that hasn't happened since 2002 ... a year without an update.

COVID — Its surreal, Im still not accustom to life in masks and I have been to a bar for a total of 5 minutes this year....thats a first since the 90s.  COVID government bail outs have been widespread, I'll explain more later but ... luckily I LLCed in 2019 so I'm at the right spot at the right time. 

Oh and two more big things to note ... 

DS an obsession I just dont want to quit.  More on that...

And a new university from me ... Kentucky Technical University Corporation was born on 07/11/2020 check it out at or the corp site at 


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