42:2 You're Life Is Just One In 80 Billion

Ever wonder how many people have ever lived?  When one thinks what will be left of me after I am gone, I think its worth noting what is left of anyone else who is already gone?  Some tombstones around but those are relatively recent.  Forget any 2000s thru 1800s.  With tombstones largely not around saying 512AD we are left with ruins, maybe songs or stories...discovery.  Thats basically all thats left but thats around for an extreme few.  Youre likely not a Christopher Columbus.

There have been about 80 Billion people born on this planet.  80,000,000,000 I'd go out on a limb and say that at best we have records and remember MAYBE 100,000,000 of them.  And I dont mean that you cant find more in census records, but I mean no one is looking for them.  That means you have a .12% ... not a 12% but a .12% chance of ever being remembered 300 or 500 years from now.

You're life is just one in 80 billion.  It is the definition of insignificant.  You are iorrelevant to the march of time... so ... relax.  Don't get all in a hurry those 5 minutes you'll save rushing to get to work are your five minutes.  Stop, breathe and know that here and now is all that matters and live happy, because of those 80 billion, 75 billion are dead and gone.

There is no evidence that anything exists after you will die.  ( And you will ) Not a shred of evidence from a credible source.  Why is it so hard to imagine not being?  Imaging before you were born....and yes the world existed and it got to this point without you ... you have no memories of before you were born, so it shouldnt be hard to say you'll have no memories of what it is like after you die.  You just wont be here.  

Course we all want to say we'll be something, somewhere after its all over with but thats because you're the center of your universe.  Your self importance isn't enough to change the fact that when you die there is no reason to assume you'll go on existing.  Youre not that important anyhow ... cause you're just as unique and special as the other 80 billion. the image below, if you were one dot.  Thats one in a million.  So now take that page and put it in a book with 80,000 more pages of a million dots.  That book would be about 26 feet wide, or 320 inches thick.  if we made it intop 1 inch thick volumes it would be 320 books all 1 inch thick.....and you....are just a dot on one page

More on this thought later.... 


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