42:04 I just needed to get out of there

Just in from my friend Daniel's place...very uneasy feeling like being held in a small enclosed space where its harder and harder to breathe and you cant see beyond a foot from your face and can only hear whats within the enclosed space.  I had a panic attack and I just needed to get out of there.

So I bolted.  I felt uneasy and unwelcome and in the way and I didn't want to talk or discuss the feelings I just wanted to get out of there, as far from there and him as possible.  Like a ghost whispering in your ear ... RUN

I dont know what but I felt there was something deceitful a foot and I made conjectures and nothing was definitive but Ive always told others ... if you feel it, you dont need anything more.  Dont prove something or try to investigate your thoughts ... this isnt a courtroom all that you need to do is follow your gut.

Mine said get the fuck out of here.  I even left my coat behind and tried to slip away undetected after looking for it and just finding more uneasy.  I think my trips over there are going to need to halt ... tonight proved rather uncomfortable.


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