42:05 I'm sorry but you've mistaken me for someone else.

Tonight I was invited to go to a guys house and continue painting it while he was out.  I then was asked by another person if I had a couple hours tonight to hang out ... I assume just a couple cause he has plans after ... for his night.  I'm just waiting on the third guy of this 3 guy track that I've landed myself with to suggest we do something ... that underwhelms me and in my opinion devalues my company.  

Its not that I'm full of myself, but its also not that I have no better option than to be one guys house worker, anothers after thought and one more guy's plan B of the night.  

I've always tried to be honest and when I hang out with someone I try to make them feel like there is no one else in the world but them.  I think this has back fired and caused 3 guys to think I'm desperate and happy to accept any crumbs they toss.  

Fuck that.  I've told one ... I have better options.  I havent responded to the second and I think I am going to just preblock the third so my expectations aren't fulfilled.  

Its a solid fact that oversupply drives down the value of a commodity.  Diamonds .... do you know they are plentiful?   De Beers stock piled about 5 billion diamonds over the years to ensure they stayed a rare gem.  My point?  I think I need to go alittle De Beers on some people around here.

.... 2 hrs later I get a text from another of these guys.... are you busy?  Can you give me a ride to the store?  He doesnt live near me...he isnt asking me to go to the store....hes asking for a ride to the store.  I told him .... Lyft


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