42:04 ? I think

So just a few sayings I keep hearing from myself lately....and they're good ones, so maybe I picked them up along the way and aren't mine...

...these are like fortune cookie level...

The only thing worse than making a bad investment is spending more resources on a bad investment.

If you make everything transactional don't get upset when you don't get anything for being empty handed.

Don't think telling me you're going to ignore me matters after I make a fuss about being ignored.  Six or half a dozen means the same.

I don't care if you buy crack or pay bills when you ask for cash.  Telling me how you're going to spend my money doesn't change the fact for me that I have less money.

If the fear of what others might think is the only reason why you are not doing something you want, then you have to do it.

Its better to regret what you've done then regret what you didn't do.

It's better to lose, betting on a friend, then to win, betting against a friend.

The secret to long relationships is learning to lose an argument.

And now for some really goof one liners from Neil Degauss Tyson

"Some people look for meaning in their life as though its going to be under a rock or behind a tree.  And I think to myself, you have more power than that.  You have the power to create meaning in your life, rather than passively look for it."


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