42:03b The sociopath, the mouse and the house

Reeling still from the realization that I had been pushed aside by my roommates for one another I stayed mostly silent and focused on the house, and a mouse. 

The humane traps arrived and while I was worried that it could be too cold to release them into the wild I felt they had a better chance with me than at the average house.  Within an hour or two of placing the traps I was apparently the last to know we had caught our first mouse.

Its significant that I was last to know because I was only made aware after what I would call "torture" was handed down by my roommate to the caged animal.  He had been apparently gasing the frightened animal with stimulants in its cage and the other roommate Jared was laughing about this telling me.  I of course, being a normal human being (unlike Daniel) and mature (unlike Jared) went off in a tirade of yelling about how I went through the trouble of no kill traps NOT so they could subject the animals to what had to be terrorizing to the animal.

I told them in the future, before they did something to imagine telling what they were about to do to a 5th grader and to a high school senior.  If the 5th grader was more likely to think it was cool ... then dont do it.  

It goes back to why I dont like my dog being with Daniel outside of the house.  Daniel is a sociopath ... text book it is not me tossing the term lightly he is a sociopath and his most human moments or simply rehearsed staged acting of what he thinks you want from his emotions.  His lack of empathy is one of the most dangerous traits about him and his socialization is always transactional ... he sees people as he sees a cup.  It serves a purpose for a need he has at the moment and he doesn't care about that person anyone more than you care about the last cup you used the day before.

He also described once how he killed a cat when he was young with his hands, just to it was so confused.

Alarmed now?  

Its also why I had told Jared 


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