42:08 Come on Republicans...lets get real

So I saw in a poll .... over 70% of Republicans don't believe Biden is a legitimate president.

Come on...first I want to point out there has not been a GOP president elected since George H W Bush that got the most votes in the election.   Seriously ... you guys want to talk about legitimate?  When you all can't get your guy into the White House without working the map and you can't retain control of legislation without gerrymandering the shit out of the districts ... and still lost control.

Judges appointed by Trump ... threw out the accusations on Biden and voting irregularities.  Not one, not two ... many.  Not one Judge appointed by Trump upheld the assertion that the election was not fair.  

In Georgia alone, the conspiracy to give that state to Biden had to have included the GOP Governor and GOP Secretary of State.  ( Quick note, GOP stands for Republican..figured I needed to mention it since Republicans are so ill informed on politics)  But the only thing that makes sense here is that Biden MUST have won that state because why would they give their state to Biden?  

And if they had given it to Biden, why did no Trump appointed judge find any merit in the allegations Trump made?  

So shut up.  Seriously.  You look stupid and you lost.  The only thing worse than losing is being a sore loser.  (But then you all haven't won since 1992 have you?  So thats just about on par for you.)


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