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So last weekend was actually a really refreshing event.  I had a fabulous stress, just celebration and reconciliation.  I had the opportunity to talk to two of my exes...and to me its important that I can talk to them.  It shows that while things may have ended, bitterness didnt grow in the absence of their embrace.

Tristan is being pissy.  He doesnt feel I should have much contact with my exes.  Thinks it is holding to the past or being controlling???  To me...shows the opposite.  Shows that while I cant control them I still remember them and respect them.  If the person you are dating cant be friends with his mature and over them can he be?  So me and him have a few stylistic disagreements.  This is further evident by the level of demands....or recommendations we give each other after knowing each other for only a month.  How many times have I corrected you?  Only when you correct me...this is going to be an issue I think, while not a fatal will be something that requires consideration.

Quick side note not naming names.  If you feel someone has mistreated you for over a year, and you feel you've been lead on GET OVER IT.  Your showing your immaturity in relationships, not your fault because you've made it an art to avoid anything that works, but I've learned that when you dont feel your investment is growing you cut your loses...that is my opinion and I know it isnt that simple.  But it can be as simple as you want it to be.  If someone doesnt show you the emotions you desire...and you know it...its your fault from here on out.  Look at where other people are at in their devolpment in life...if it is still in its learning years...settle for friendship now, and maybe more can come when they have reached the same level you are at.  This is how I view mine and David's friendship, or Brandon.  Care about them both...but also care about myself enough to realize that right now I need something else.  Your on your way at least...just keep in mind that we have control over how we allow others to treat us.

And now for the work update...

The Asst. Manager at Gateway appears to be leaving.  This may be a fantastic opportunity for me.  While I've been there the least time I've already been promoted over 3 other people.  The next two people may be strong candidates but one cant do the job because of school...and the other has been around for 2 years and sells about half as much stuff as I do.  Just today for instance 8 computers were sold at the store between 4 people....I sold 5 personally.  The job would provide ALOT more money...which I welcome and I have or will make the time for what needs to be done.  So...who knows in a month or so I may be even happier about my job.:-)

In is what YOU make of it.  You can seize advancements or you can stick with familiar failures.  Personally...I've found that life is more rewarding when you reach your dreams.


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