Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


Okay the red head 12 yr old guy that sings like sinatra needs to go. Sorry...I just am not into voice impersonators.
Oh...and dont walk into gateway and wave your hands in the air at me cause I wont give you a 350 dollar upgrade for free...cause I just roll my eyes and think....this isnt worth my time. Loved how he was like...then I am gonna walk....I was like...well thanks for visiting.:-) this isnt Louis's Used Electronics.
I added my thunder over louisville pages today. Should be a festive party I do think. Past 4 of 5 years were great. I think last year was alittle blah for me cause for some reason people who KNEW I wouldnt have invited them still felt the urge to visit. Whatever. Plus ... no offense Shane, but my co-host was basically locked up in his room all night.
So April 17, 2004 I shall hopefully recapture the glory of the years past. This will be a delicate program of making sure the right people are here, and the wrong ones arent. :-) I think I am going to just not date anyone. Friends sure...but anything more is trivia it appears in this world of gay relationships. Sure I can have one but it needs to be the right fix and recently I've failed to bend the wrong fix into the molds that I suppose have been left by past heros. Maybe I am just getting old and demanding...:-) Who cares.
Last night went to a movie wit the roomie. It was a good one...Dawn of the Dead. Got 4 of 5 stars and left me waking up in midsleep glancing around for intruders that I'd have to kill before they got
So I am going to get back to my dinner I am cooking. Go to bed and attack my day off with full force.

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