Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


A new Chapter. I expect this to be a short chapter. Upon creating the Testament of Matthew I decided the only rhymn and reason to the chapters should be that of my life. I have no idea when something begins or ends in the future...only when it happens do I realize that a change has happened that warrants a page turn. This is a page turn.
After sometime of seeking to pull together this or that and trying to be something I guess I couldn't be...and in the result of that feeling as a failure I finally have focused on damage control and improving the life I lead.
Earlier I mentioned I felt as if I was on the deck of a sinking ship and the life jackets had been given out...well...the whistles blew and we abandoned a voyage that had been advertised as a vacation cruise only to find an ice berg in the Atlantic. Luckily no one lost...just the vessel we had choosen apparently couldn't carry us to the port of good hope.
On to a new chapter. On to LIVE.

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