Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

7:2 The Night

Continued from 7:1

So this past week Arty has been all about his two jobs. Always tired, usually cranky, and complaining of headaches. So I suggested we go off togther to Nashville. A break from the Louisville stuff would be good, and an opportunity for us to enjoy a mutual vacation TOGETHER. :-) I know we arent BFs...but there is more than just roomies when you have what we this plays into my thoughts.

So Arty volunteered to work Saturday morning. This in my opinion screwed up the day. Why couldnt we just enjoy a Saturday away? He got home at 3ish and was complaining that I wasnt ready...and about his hair....and he needed to eat...and he wanted some shirts from Opry Mills Mall...being the guy who wants to appear as the man who can give ya what ya want I tried to plan all that into a very brief time. He was pissed by the time we hit the hotel. HE felt rushed...which he was, wouldnt have been if he hadnt worked. And he was ticked at the hotel we were in, but since we were just gonna be there a few hours we had picked a cheap place...guess what...its a cheap place. So he continues to complain that Nashville isnt pretty. And he doesnt like it. So I turned to him and said "you hate Louisville, hate Nashville...anywhere I am with you."

So at the bar he grabs me and says "look at that cute boy in the hat. His friend is trying to get us to talk. He's cute I am gonna dance with him." Now...even if we arent dating...dont ditch your partymates. So I said something snippy and we didnt talk for like an hour...nor were we anywhere near each other. So I began to worry that when the bar closed I'd have to be looking around for him...that was kinda gonna get to me. So I found him and told him if he wasnt at the car at 4 I was gonna go anyway. He gets ticked and says.."I am leaving". So not to chase after him I finish my drink and walk out to the car....he isnt there. I go back in the club and have friends looking for him for 30 minutes to 45 minutes...that really sucked. I felt he should be equally looking.

So I leave for the hotel on the off chance he was already there. He was. That made me mad cause I was looking all over for him and he continued to just disregard my night. So I came in the room and started to say the things I knew would be hurtful to him...I guess trying to get him back. I know...bad idea! I said alot of mean I would donate to his LA move fund. And he wasnt over his ex or derrick and thats why we werent together. And that I didnt believe his reason for stripping. Next thing I know he is walking to the Grey Hound Bus Station and refuses to ride home with me. I chased him for 2 miles easy...and begged him to ride home with me. I told him he was gaining nothing by this but hurting me, and playing the wounded victim. So I ran back to my car and got some friends from the bar to take me to the bus station...I went in and searched for him and asked when the next bus left and I called him a million times. To me...what had happened didnt warrant this and to prove a point he was destroying anything we had.

Continued to 7:3 After Night

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