Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

8:4 Lets get this party started

Alrighty for an unemployeed guy I am gonna be pretty busy these next few days. And I am very happy about that. Tonight I got home from helping a friend with computer stuff issues, had to shower real quick to be ready for the weekly wed. night trek to the lesbian bar.
Their are fireworks going off right now. :-) I live next to the baseball diamond here for louisville's minor league team...they won I guess. Its these signs to me that symbolize the beginning of summer...:-) The ushering in of warmth.
Tomorrow I need to continue my clean sweep around the house. Mostly it looks great. Some odds and ends here and there plus making plans for the use of my ex-roommates room. I'm glad I have that extra space will come in handy I am sure.
Then tomorrow night I have what I suppose could be called a date. Abe. :-) You have alot going for you already...can't think of much more of a sterotypical guy I'd be after than you. :-) Dark hair, eye brows...dark eyes...big smile, little younger. Preppy but not boring..(we went to the same high school so cool that we had the same dress code in grained in us) so...lets see how that goes.
Gotta fit sometime for friday nights move...hoping that it just goes quickly. Similar to a tooth extraction, it's a pain but I'll be better after its done.
Then...saturday begins. :-) Friends from here and there...all friends who care. :-) I'm very lucky here, things are basically in a very comfortable spot for me right now.
I'll update you on Abe and my hanging out. Or maybe he'll enter the journal entry for me the next morning as I make breakfest. :-) evil grin

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