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8:5 Thursday

So had a stellar night at the lesbian bar. My friend Lyza adjusted well to the scene and she had a great time. Greg kept trying to hook her up with this boy he said....I was like....Greg...he is gay!!! lol....cute......but gay. even admitted he was gay. I think the pitchers of beer factored into his math there.
Jason, Jason, Jason. Thanks for joining our dart it was obvious with every sip of my beer I could see the target less and less accurately. Was cute first game I won and had a great score...and as the night progress everyone else warmed up and I warmed We stayed late last night and I am glad we had such a cool time.:-) Friendship.
So I have a new method of sound in the living room that I dont think I have mentioned on here. Two subwoofers, 4 satelites and 1200 songs on my hard drive actually have done a great job to upgrade my party situation. Also know have the cables to run the computer visualizations onto the plasma. :-) So...anywhere in the house you can generally hear and feel the music.:-) Its pasted my test run today.:-)
The Training Room as I call it, formerly the other bedroom should be situated sometime tomorrow.
I had to accumulate some quick loans from a couple sources. Obviously this event is important to me for many reasons so I have to ensure its successful undertaking. Plus as the ex-roommate grabs the rest of his stuff and fades into Matt History I'll need to get a fish tank since I am getting to keep the fish.:-)
Oh wells...I am outta here! But keep in mind....all things just keep getting better!

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