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8:11 And the beat goes on...

So I got a call about another job from AT&T Wireless. Gonna call them back and setup the interview. Be nice to be getting severance paychecks and a real paycheck.
I opened my eyes this morning, and snuck into the bathroom...brushed my, and got back in bed with my boy. We just laid there kissing and such this morning then he went to work.
Last night we crawled up on this hill overlooking the river, we watched boats go down the river, and watched the skylines lights...was very cool. Holding each other and talking...when we walked back to the apartment we walked down these busy city streets hand in hand. That is something I have never done before. He claimed today that was his second most romantic moment. I of course told him to give me a little more time and I should be able to capture the top spot.
Lyza approves of him. And his friend Edward has also approved of me. (in fact edward told him that if he found something wrong with me he'd kick his ass) So...hopefully the influencers will continue to be positive. Unfortunatekly we have so many common threads when it comes to people we figure we should keep it quiet for awhile before we say anything. He knows or knows of EVERY ex I have had...and I know all his friends. He even dated my ex brandon at one before people like brandon have a chance to comment we are gonna form our own opinion.
We talk more and more as if we are moving in together...??? lol...he was talking about what colors to paint my living room. I'll see how it all is going in a couple months. So far, the only time we have been apart really has been 6 hours total over 3 days. And we are making tentative plans to go out tonight together. :-) Our similar points are all over the place too...from the way we eat, to the movies we like, to the people we know, even the way we sleep. He likes it cold with a fan running...I was in heaven sleeping at his :-) We even had a time where we agree we partied too much and changed outa that scene. It was eventhe same scene...I guess we were so out of it we never noticed each other. One of the biggest plus points...just the random kisses.
I havent spoken to my roommate or attempted to have communication with him in a week and a half now. :-) And I like it. I havent missed anything really...havent had time with the party, and friends, and the new boy. :-) I just wish he'd get his stuff! He has till the end of the month and then he can get his stuff then. God never closes a door without opening another.

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