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3:1 life turns the revolutions speed the energy of change. Doug...thanks for the extremely surprising gesture. Derrick welcome to live journal...I think, I shall enjoy a narative into the mind of a guy that has always intrigued me.
Arty is visiting soon with his fun. I am getting my tree tomorrow. :-) Only my second day off since thanksgiving. Now...thats a nice pay check! Speaking of such sold 11 computers this weekend...only day I sold 2/3 of the computers for that day. Also working on a 15 computer fingers crossed hopefully they are enchanted by my smile. ;-Þ cause the price isn't...but at $23,000 its not a bad deal for me.
One month from my next student aid check...5 weeks from Ft. Lauderdale.
Things arent too bad.
Flirted with this HP Rep. all day...everyone was like...he's cute but str8. WHAT? The other reps were talking to him and he was responding making eye contact with me for the entire discussion. And when I dropped my pen from behind my ear he came up minutes later to put it and I both agreed...there is a story. interesting person. His wife works for aveda and is getting me my nectar of life...Toning Mist. :-) at cost too! :-)
Its been an eventful long, but one I must say was memorable. Thank you and goodnight.

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