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So a new chapter to draw attention to the changes a foot. Boy and Job.

Boy: Ron
So he is the seventh boyfriend for me. He is a scorpio and I am a leo, water and fire. :-) An interesting mix aye? We seem to work really well together. Still havent spent a night apart since we met.
This saturday we stayed at his place and had lyza over. Was fun, jumped on the trampoline, sat in the hot tub, took a shower together(just me and him), and did facials. I broke Lyza's foot. She had to go to the emergency room and get a cast, be careful on trampolines...they are dangerous. He lives right on the Ohio River so its nice cause you get to walk right up too it, see Kentucky and all the boats on the river. Specially as the sun set got to watch the Belle of Louisville, an old time steam boat with a paddle wheel roll down the river all lite up. Plus Ron and I had sex a couple of not a bad saturday night!
As for the job, I got a call today telling me that as long as my background check goes well I should be able to start on Monday of next week. This is awesome also cause I'd be sent to Atlanta for training. :-) Can we say almost a vacation? It will be the first night in since I ran into my boy at the coffee shop that we caqnt sleep together. Luckily he can take care of my cats. I'll have all my benefits in 30 days, get paid .30 a mile I drive, an expense account, and at least 30,000 a year not counting bonuses. I am hoping for more, but when your 25 years old and just a few thousand from 40 you really can't complain.

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