Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

9.9 Thursday

So obviously a reoccuring negative theme has recently plagued my journal starting with chapter 7. Here on there will be no further acknowledgement of something that needs to be put to rest.
So today I missed the delivery of my employment packet. :-( I was really looking forward to getting it and seeing in writing what I was headed towards in Atlanta. Remember I go there on Monday.
While I am gone I am lucky that Ron will check on my apt from time to time, and my cats, tv, and computer stuff will all be handed over to Lyza for safe keeping.
We went out last night. And wildly unusual I won a game! Not sure how but I was hot...scored something like 430 which is insane for me. Then I lost every game after that. Ron and Lyza were the next winners.
I have seen more of Derrick in the past 3 or four days than I have in the past couple months. Always enjoyed his conversation, just have to get him up to par with the cocktail hours we have here in the building.
Today is Lyza's birthday! I have to make sure that she knows today how much joy she brings to me and how much I have to celebrate on this day.
I tried to take her out to Tumbleweed with 2 other friends and with Ron waiting on us....but she is on this diet which doesnt allow her to eat out with me as much....just a rum and diet.
So I suppose I need to premix her favorite cocktail and drive out to her work and meet her in the parking lot with it. :-)
SO I am off.

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