Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


Chicago was interesting. I got on my Louisville to Chicago flight on Monday and continued the line of cocktails I had created from the first airport bar to the last airport bar. Turbulance was wild, at one point the plane dropped faster than my drink dropped and I caught the remainder of it back in my glass.
When we landed I had a 2 hour layover. BUT as the weather got worse and tornado worries were spreading my flight to Atlanta was delayed for 3 hours. Then as I was on the phone bored to death about my wasted visiting time in Chicago the delayed remark changed and I found it now was displayed in yellow......Flight 613 Cancelled. Shortly after that every flight that was going east or coming from the east 80% was cancelled. The agent couldnt fly me home, or to my destination until tomorrow. So I ended up being stranded, found a hotel in Rolling Meadows Chicago and spent the night.
It was wild! I had no luggage as some how it had already made it to Atlanta, I had no idea where I was in Chicago, but I found myself in the hotel bar at midnight being asked if I wanted to spend the night with a 50 year old divorced retired highschool teacher who was showing me and these other guys around her belly button ring. Obviously I jumped on that opportunity....ha!
So that morning I caught the new flight and found myself finally in Atlanta. My bags were waiting and I flew off by taxi straight into work.
My job is perfect. I also did some compaired my salary to another guys and found out I was making more than 10% I am not too upset that they accepted my first number.
Last night our boss's boss took us out to dinner. Between the 6 of us we rangup a bill of 230 dollars! Shouldnt have allowed so much drinking! I am supposed to meet them all again in 30 minutes for another dinner out. Thats one thing that seems really classy to me, the fact that since I steped foot in Atlanta we've gone to really nice places, and I have been completely taken care of by my employeer. Training has been dry, but I am sure the job will be rewarding.
Ron and I have spoken on the phone literally every 4 hours. And honestly it isnt enough for me. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all, but just a couple days into this now and I am totally missing the arms I find so much comfort in.
He even had flowers here in my Atlanta hotel room waiting for me when I checked in! How much more could you ask for in a mate?
So I come home tomorrow. Entering back into my world, but changed. Reminded of the special gift that Ron is...shaped by my few days with my new employeer's and eyes fixed upon a life that is so greatly in change right now.

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