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So the first day of week here in Louisville is done. I'm boss thinks I am a good pick and likes how i do stuff before he mentions it. Plus I honestly think the job is extremely easy. We spent the day at the hurstborne ln. store all day, same one I had a fight with the manager a couple weeks back...but oh well.

Main thing I did today, take pictures of the store and talk to employees. I am sure it wont always be easy but glad it appears so right now.

Ron is sleeping I have been updating my work stuff here. SO much info to digest and organize. I have to be at Clarksville at 8am. I figured out a trip that hits my farthest stores in 3 days. Only 631 miles of driving and about 11 hours of drive time...thank god I get paid mileage! But it will be cool be out on my own and such, gonna hit bowling green, marion IL., Jasper IN., Paducah KY, Owensboro KY, and Etown. Sure I'll miss Ron but this is what we have to do, work. :-)

My fish had babies! 6 total, I caught 4 and seperated them out of the tank..(treating it for ick) but I think its cool that I have fish breeding. 6 babies replace the 3 that have died in the last month well. I also got a new filter for it. Its rated for 40 gallons, my tank is 30 gallons...figured bigger is better. But this "ick" thing is annoying the hell out of me, I treat them way too often. I hate doing it cause I always lose a fish or two, plus I doubt its good for the babies and expecting parents. Hopefully this will run its course.

Money is tight tight tight. After being laid off and suddenly in a new job...I dont get paid till next month! But they expect me to start doing all kinds of stuff and just "expense it" thats fine when you have the capital, but way too taxing short term. I have borrowed way too much money from family and friends with the hopes to pay them back in 2 months time...which skims those paychecks thin too. I am glad I got my new job, and I am glad I get more $$ than I had before, but it just seems like as income increases so does expenses. Oh well, such is life.

Ron and I may move in together in the next couple months. Still going strong and still unable to seperate..(I swear I think we sent 11 text messages and 3 phone calls while I was at work). It could be annoying, usually it is...but suddenly in this case I crave it. I feel good knowing that the things that I used to hate people doing, I now do and look forward much time together.

Luckily we have the forced absences of our work that allows for breatheing. We have skipped the bar on saturday night for like 3 or 4 weeks in a row, which doesnt bother me...odd too since I think I went 2 months str8 and maybe missed 2 saturdays so far this year.

So anyhow...things are trying, but good...they are challenging and delightfully fresh and new. Here is to the continuing of becoming a better person.

P.S. Never fly American Airlines!

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