Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


So anyhow...sorry these most recent times have been pretty busy. I have been attempting to make it look like I am the best overworking employee for my company. leave the house sometime at 7, dont get home till sometime at 7. I'll keep up this "act" for a bit longer god knows I am NOT the super employee. But I do get the job done.
Ron and I are approaching our two month spot. It seems I have a milestone of 6 months. Upon reaching this point I usually am with this person for a couple years. So, 1/3 of the way there. We are already discussing merging our homes, we still havent spent a night apart since we first went on a date, except for when I was out of town.
The roommate is leaving today. It is a bitter sweet move that holds many emotions with it. I know that we've had some extremely tramatic times here, and for now it appears that his move to LA will release us both from an ackward unstable scenario. Wish him the best, now its time for all parties to move forward.
My fish tank looks great now thank you. I am very happy with it...just I am pissed at a few of the fish cause they have been causing disharmony with the others. They are now in time out, luck they arent flushed out.
So I am off for memorial day...I plan to clean clean clean house. Plus tuesday is the beginning of the perfect world. I finally get my first pay check. I've been working for 3 weeks and honestly the absence of any return, not getting reimbursed for expenses and such has been an expectional drain. But...days from now that shall be corrected. To date I have borrowed from three parties approxiamtely $1500 for this month. ( I eat out way to much ). But thats all fine cause it shows me that I can live my life on that much and I still have about 1500 surplus a month once the payroll kicks in. I know one thing....this mileage thing is actually going to be the butter on my bread. Not taxed I assume, I have been racking in about 130 a week in mileage alone and this has been with me repeating my easy week. See....every other week I go on a 700 mile trek...worth at .33 a mile $231 for me...just in mileage in 3 days.
So Ron and I are planning to make over my home as our home in the coming months. He was talking about painting the kitchen with a coca cola theme....I was like....ahh...I consider myself the future govenor...ask yourself. Would the govenor have a coca cola room in his mansion? :-)
Anyhow...thats my story...I must go now.

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