Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


Due to popular demand we are pleased to announce...

La Tour de Leffler!!!

Starting at 7am tomorrow night all the Home Depot stores not in the Louisville area that I havent seen in the month that I have worked here will finally get to see me! Normally this would be a 3 day journey and an intensive one at that...but since I havent gotten my company credit card yet I am going to shorten my trip by a day and a half...but still do about as much traveling.

The following stores will not see me on this mini-trip. Marion, IL and Jasper, IN. But here is the schedule...:-) Book your seats now for Matthew Live...a location near you!

7am (Wednesday) Leave Louisville.
8am Arrive at store 2316 Elizabethtown, KY.
11am Leave Etown
1:30pm Arrive in Bowling Green, KY. eat a 15 minute drive thru lunch.
1:45pm Arrive at store 2318 Bowling Green, KY.
5:00pm Leave Bowling Green, KY.
6:15pm Arrive in Nashville, TN.
7:00pm Leave Nashville, TN.
10:00pm Arrive at store 2314 Paducah, KY.
1:00am Leave Paducah, KY
3:30am Arrive at store 2317 Owensboro, KY.
7:00am (Thursday) Leave Owensboro, KY.
9:30am Arrive in Louisville, KY. and do all the paperwork and crap for each store and update your company's wedsite regarding your store visits.
11:00am pass-out
6:00pm get up and eat!
6:30am (Friday) Leave Louisville
8:00am Arrive at store 2303 Lexington, KY.
12:00pm Arrive at store 2313 Lexington, KY.
3:00pm Leave Lexington and start the weekend...all other stores can go to hell. :-)

I've been to 6 stores in 3 days and driven 700 miles.

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