Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


So obviously that trip is over. I did it all and added a stop and ended earlier! :-) I think I just forgot that the drive times where probably from a 65 mph stand point.
Honestly 85 maybe 90 was the goal speed. Got back home and did something wild...asked Ron if I could have the night for myself. He was okay with that. :-) So I am glad that we are grown up enough to realize that personal time is important.
Not much else to report. Finished painting...rearranged my bedroom...just been cleaning and such...this place is on the first step towards really being...unique to me.
Regarding a roomie...(RON)...I am not too sure. Cause a couple days ago I was getting pissy, and I think it is just cause I felt i was losing my space. I go from here. Catch ya'll soon.
Its was so interesting when Arty was here, now its normal. Honestly part of me misses the uproar...then another part of me enjoys the silence.

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