Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


So...I just finished watching this cute movie..."That Old Feeling" Ahh...good movie that Ron picked...kinda funny cause here goes the big plans.

So July 3, and 4th I think Ron and I....with Lyza and Derrick will be headed down to Nashville for a night out on the town. Its also going to be Brandon's birthday down there so figure I'll hangout with him maybe over dinner with the crew? So this is whats so crazy....everyone of these guys has been a BF at some point. lol. And honestly Brandon and Derrick are the two exes that cross my mind everyday.
Not that I want to jump ship for a freighter that cap-sized...but these people meant something to me, and I still see in them everything wonderful that I did when we had plans together. I am just making fun of the pairing here. a weekend of my exhusbands and my husband. (Oh BTW did I mention that back in the day my current husband Ron hooked up with my ex husband Brandon? ) lol. Ahhhh.....I feel like we have the makings for a fabulous soap!

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