Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


So that I am sober. :-) Really not much change here to report. Same guy, same home, same cats, same job and its pretty good.:-)

I did go to Churchill Downs and bet on horses Saturday. Well...I actually drank...and drank, to the point that once forgot to bet on the 8th race, and another time where I screamed and yelled for #4 to win!!!!! Too bad he had been scratched from 5 min. before the race started. Funny...I still cheered him on...:-) Then I was like....oh, he wasnt in that race. Went with an OLD friend...whom actually I havent been friends with really...prolly first time we actually hung out without getting "friendly." He is fun dressed too aparently. Poor ron, but you see...he has just as many ex-flings...just I celebrate my

We ended up all leaving the bar, Lyza, Ron, Justin (friendly one) and me...and playing night. Got even more interesting when we were joined by a "transy" or a draq queen ...depending on the outfit, and her friend.

So Nashville is this weekend. :-) This time...I am having fun. But honestly, I had alot of fun last time too...REMEMBER...while someone was being dramatic and leaving for home on the greyhound I was dancing and making out with a cute boy from owensboro at after hours. is to making the best of every situation.

I wanna see the new mike moore movie. :-) Anything that makes Bush look accurate is a blessing to me.

I get paid on the first!! :-) YES. My first big check with a projected surplus of funds. Will be nice....course how bad has it been? I was drinking so much at the track that Lyza's mom asked....if I was doing something on the side for cash...wink wink. NO...just have to remember that drinking is the only real hobby I stick too.


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