Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

10:13 Nashville Weekend

So as you may recall I have a bad history with guy friends and trips to Nashville, TN.  Well...we actually broke the tradition of someone having to find an alternate way home than the car we came in.
Long stories...but we successfully ended the trip smiles and laughing.  I SPENT WAY TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe the personally autographed Bible we found was the source of the good luck?  How many people have a "Best Wishes - God" in their cover?  I took the bible by the   It also had a dollar sitting in it, we all signed it and call it the Holy Dollar.  :-)  The lord works in mysterious ways.

This isnt a pic that Derrick likes ALL that much I will guess.  But this sums up the scene once we left the bar.  He had boys crawling to get his  To the point that we left one boy in the parking lot at the bar, enter the hotel room....Derrick is reading text messages from one guy, and Lyza is fielding calls for him on my phone?  lol.  I was you think we have enough lines?  "Thank you for calling Derrick.  All circuits are busy."  He wouldnt go to afterhours so he stayed at the hotel and went to bed.  "Temptation" kept him in...:-(  Evansville you must be doing a good job roping this one in.

And my hubby sitting down striking a pose. 

The wild ones.  They were all up on this box dancing...I got somewhat onthe top and decided I wanted to get down.  Times like that I feel like a middle school Asst. Principal.  Ackward.  I need to get drunk.

I forgot that I sponsored Derrick in. :-(   We almost had trouble regarding that, but in the shuffle they just signed off on it. 

Ron and I had fun looking into each others eyes.  He commented on that last night too.  That he likes that I am looking at him on the dance floor.  I honestly make it a point to look at him and not some random boy.  Gotta remember where your bread is buttered.


a billboard advertising "Nervous Melvin - Fireworks and Beer Exit 8"  lol....I thought that was a fitting we can see why Melvin is nervous.  What two things DONT go hand in hand?


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