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That is this awesome awesome awesome show I watched today on Comedy Central. Its a funny depiction of an american summer camp in the late 1970s. Everyone is hooking up none stop, and the cast his hilarious. Niles from the nutty science lab kinda teacher who figures out skylab is falling from space and will impact and devistate a cabin somewhere in the camp. Mary Catherine Galligor is the arts and crafts teacher who is getting over a divorce, the annoying lady that smoked too much on Romey and Michelle's wedding ...she is the camp director. There was a gay love scene in the shed followed by a lake side "committment ceremony"....The cook is some guy from OZ who talks to tin cans about vietnam and muters something about smearing butter on his favorite highlight was how the life guard was making out with this girl as this kid was spalshing around in the lake screaming for help...and he was like....just a minute....then another kid comes up and is like...your a bad life guard I cant find my swim partner. So the guy is like....honey...i need 20 min. Next scene the camp van is driving down this gravel road and throws a boys dead wet body out on the This scene repeats itself alot, since it is the 70s and we all want to make out with lifeguards...
Anyhow...check it out if you get the I need to tape it next time.

Lyza and I went out last night...I didnt wanna go, but actually it was cool....someone walked up to me and we were exchanging our hellos and he was like, i didnt want to come tonight, this bar is boring......I was like..I said the same thing too....but the more of these I drink the better and cuter it gets. AND DID IT GET was leaning on my friend Tim pointing out guys asking if they really were hot or if I was just feeling the effects of "drunk and at the bar without my boyfriend" snydrome. It was "calibrating my scales"...anyhow.

So it is Sunday and Ron and I are just hanging out...and I'm enjoying that. These next two weeks I'll be out of town 50% of the time, not counting the weekends I'll be in Louisville only 3 days out of 10. I am going to be in Jasper, IN. Owensboro, KY, Paducah KY Marion IL, Nashville TN, Bowling Green KY, Elizabethtown KY, Lexington KY and finally I will end my 2000 mile trip in Detroit. Thank god I like traveling.

I am gonna bounce.

Oh said they official love my little idea of not wasting everyone's time with 50 forms that could all be in boss sent it to his boss...who sent it too his boss, its at a level of a person I dont talk too...I just hear mass voice mail messages from....kinda like I'm an angel and charlie is checking it out...thanks bosley.

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