Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

10:19 The Signs

So thats part of my buildings flew off the 3rd floor took out a couple windows and then landed there...

And this is our beautiful patio...that tree is normally standing...

So we had THE least for our building.  We've weathered tornados and floods...but always our building has been like an iron shield in the harsh downtown environment.

This tuesday the defenses were taken down...we heard the plant pots flying from the fourth floor into the basement atrium first...that was the sign that the wind was really strong.  As the storm progressed we all danced around the building talking ... then broken screws started to bolt from the roof over our back was obviously maxed out in fighting the hear the roof rip from the building, slam into the north side of the building, glass breaking as it hits windows...sheets of torn metal flap in the window and you knew....this was not a normal storm.  We also lost that tree...the building never has any damage.

When I went to work the next morning it was obvious that this storm really did have a punch....street lights out, downtown streets closed due to phone poles tipped over...the sign on the door at home depot...."No Returns on chainsaws and generators".  Ron's home was without power for days...the city was pretty much a mess.  The managers at the Home Depot were discussing "crowd control" I over heard as their were 2 TV stations covering the crowd of people there at 10 am.

What a storm...:-)  I love storms, we've all gone out chasing them time and again...this time, our own home was a good seat.

I have A LOT TO hopefully I'll find time this weekend.

BUT....a note of irony...and I did read this also from one of our friend's journals...."Hit a worker....$10,000 Fine" were the construction signs in southern Il.  lol....I thought it was so so stupid.  I figured why not just say..."Hit a worker....Vehicular Homicide".  But now I know that a life in IL. is worth $10,000. 



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