Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


So for the first time in my life I walked down a sunny street with money in my pocket that harbored the image of a women. The speed limit was 60 km and no one here had lost a son or daughter to some stupid war.
My first trip to Canada left me wondering if it was worth fighting for all the things I felt we needed in the US, or if I should just pack up and join the victory celebration and let the stupid republicians run the U.S. into the ground.

Republicians - there are only two types......bigots, and idiots. People who wish to limit other's lives, and those too dumb to realize they gain nothing from that party in power.

Abraham Lincoln was a better republician president than Reagen simply because he died when we shot him. I wonder how much better off we'd be if Reagen had done the best thing for our country and stopped breathing in 1982? He showed the country he was capable of world issues these past 10 yrs than when he was in office.

Why is canada better than the U.S.? Republicians....they dont have any. There conservatives are our moderates. Sure they pay more taxes, but they have better schools, extremely lower crime and everyone has healthcare. Sorry....but in Canada the right to a better life is more important than banning gay marriage (its legal there).

So...this is my patriotic behavior, a complete and utter distaste for any republician. I am boardline militant extreme now with my views of their hate speech and sefishness.

But on to a new subject....

SO...I went up there for a meeting with all the other reps in my region. Out of the other like 15 areas.....Louisville has grown the most in profits. We are up 52% here. Primarily because I decided to focus on the highest volumne stores, and the highest margin items.....rocket surgery I know! But for instance our sales of these 400 dollar grills is up 325.04%...thats about more than double the figures of most other regions. I will admitt this means my sales of $15 bags of fertilizer arent as high as other regions.....but guess who cares?? And...while the majority of my stores feel like I am not there enough, the ones that account for 5 times the revenue as the bottom 3 stores generate see me almost twice a week. changes will really be made here.

Anyhow....gonna go drink

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