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Snow...let it snow. At work now....and it is snowing. Most of the day has been about snow. We built Mr. Gateway a snow man outside wearing a name tag. Was cute...until Zac killed him. :-) So of course I brought justice to Mr. Snow...and with management's approval slammed a snow ball into Zac's face here in the store. :-)
I can tell it is going to be a good day Pretty laid back and easy customers just playing games and watching TV on the plasmas.
Arty comes to town tomorrow. Gonna have to clean up the boxes I have out for my decorations of the tree. Also need some laundry fairy to save my closet...but if that werent the case it wouldnt be my closet.
I hope we get some more snow....just a couple or so inches more...then after work I will be asking the usual suspects about there plans and if they foresee themselves sitting on some cold wood surface propelling across a snowy hillside.
So what if I am 25. Doesnt mean I can't enjoy myself. I love those overly anal people who critize those of us that actually do what we want to do...those people that deep down, and sometimes on the surface know that they wish they had the spice of life in them too.
:-) Went out drinking two nights ago with Lyza at connection...was fun. Night before went out to the movies with Derrick. As always my dear friend you picked a good one. Night before that I ran into Jason an old flare from yestur-year. Good job on the new hair style...very cute.
And...Derrick good job on the hair and cologne. As always I am reminded of the good taste I have by seeing the reflection of my desires from long ago looking back at me.
So...this evening I will see what is happening...and dance the night away to the tune of the song in my head. :-)

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