Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


So anyhow been silent recently for no good reason. So here is an attempt to update...
Finally finished my windows...adding the stain glass film. I like it since it allows light but blocks views. :-) The cats are insane. Thats no big news.
I bought a one gallon tank, some plants for it and such and moved my babies into it. Sadly, I lost 2 in the move...but still have 6.
In the main tank I built a hill. Trying to create a cavern where only babies can get in, increased plants...3 new rocks, and 2 bags of gravel and presto...all the fish are freaking
Ron and I spent the weekend in. I did some computer work, he did some house work. Ron is starting a new hobby he has decided. Expressing himself through mosiac vases. .... :-) He never seems to pick the easy model airplane or fish oh wells...he may be moving in. Todd is leaving the building, derrick may take his larger apartment...then ron will move in derricks...musical chairs...but we continue to strengthen our grip on the building.
I bought some new mice...wireless is great but I am not sure why but every other day mine all go wierd on both cords now.
I am designing a website for ron. was the name he had been thinking of, so in the next few days I hope to get some aspect of it working so he can use it with his work.
My work is fine...called n sick thurs, and fri. needed the rest think i slept tilllike 2 each day.
Anyhow I am gonna bounce from here and jump some republicians in the park.

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