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So anyhow...I ended today a lightening round tour of all of my stores. I visited 15 of 16 stores, was in 5 states...and put 700 miles on my car in just 4 days. My secret is speeding. Course the thousands of miles I have driven over the speed limit I did get a ticket this trip.
I was rocketing down I-24 near Clarksville, TN when I past a state trooper parked to the side. Before his lights were on, I figured why not go ahead and pull over. :-) He and I joked about how before he was pulling me over I was already over. I mean...if your guilty just give pays off long run. Rather than getting a ticket for driving 90 an hour, he gave me only 83. Kept me just below the really really bad mark.
So anyhow...
Regarding relationships. Never take advice from someone who hasn't had a successful one, or even anyone that lasted longer than 2 season. I have 3 yrs with this person, and 2 years with that one...I know that isnt much, but lately its seemed to me that I am more an authority than the authorities. :-) Further never suggest the end is near unless you want it to be. Showing doubt during crisis spreads like wild fire, and may be a fatal flaw to life. Lastly, if you want the other person to think this is going to last...NEVER say stuff like...."if we are together then" when you make plans a month or so in advance.
Then there was...
Work has recently informed me that they need a person in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. One of two things is what I have said back now to HR....A. I have a best friend there, or B. I could move there and then enjoy the environment and my long lost friend. So...nothing would happen till October (just before it get cold) but there is now a chance that on Xmas morning I could be sitting outside with my sun glasses on getting a tan.
So I do care about my hometown...but this god for sake'n state can go to hell. WHERE ARE WE, AND WHY ARE WE IN THIS HANDBASKET? Gay marriage is now a state constitutional issue...ughhh...why cant people worry about themselves and allow each other to live their own lives? Its a reminder of why Canada or else where is so much of an enticing apsect. Louisville isn't redneck....KENTUCKY IS. I want to run for Mayor on the plateform we should declare independence from this place.
So I am going to sleep. Night

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