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So back from Detroit.  Work wise...the company is hiring somewhere round 50 new people at my position and promoting 4 of us to manage that increase, course I am new so no promotion here...and course this IS the Louisville market so no new positions here...just the same 1 position for all of KY, which I hold.  But nice to know they are not downsizing.  The new companies that we represent will actually I figure make me more important at least in my current stores.  Instead of coming in and everyone knowing I am the guy to talk to about 9 factories....I now am the one that has 16.  So...when people have blown me off in the past now want something cause I now have some product line more important to them I can blow them off and it will really be problematic.  Cause...not only can I disrupt your store with the original items...I can screw with you with extended folly! 

We are switching into reset time.  This is when the stores change from the summer season to winter.  For the next month I am supposed to be working alot of overnight resets.  Basically they are supposed to remove product and get the shelving ready for when I arrive and I am supposed to have 2 associates assigned to listen to my direction as to where to put this and this.  If they dont have this ready at 8pm for me on that night...I get to say....well sign this I'll notify the right people that you were not ready and you are now responsible for everything on your own.....then I walk.  I figure this should create alot of friction....I really dont like friction.  But since I will be working overnight in 13 stores I do get my regular salary, my regular exceeding insane mileage, and a bonus of 650 dollars.  Plus with me working over night...on the days I dont have to work overnight I bascially work half days.  This will be a rewarding, and challenging time.  I suppose its these periods that make my existence worth having when there is nothing to do.

Michigan.  I'm sorry.  If you do not respect yourself, I wont respect you either.  This place is DIRTY.  The roads are in HORRIBLE shape, your drivers refuse to follow any laws....but then take into fact the simple notion of a speed limit.  Well....simple in KY.  Here it is 65 on the Xway, cept in cities.  In Michigan the signS say...70, then another sign attached to it says minimal 55, then another sign attached to it says over 4 tons is 65.  So there are 3 numbers to glance at for every 1 we have.  Its just odd.  PLus....keep right except to pass, doesnt exist there.  The skyline of Detroit is mostly smoke stacks....and alarming to me...some of different colors!!!  Thats gross. pontiacs, why do you all have so many up there?  Finally...

and this was made fun of with illionis....the signs that say.."Kill a Worker, fine of $7,500"  the interesting twist here....if your a highway worker in Illionis your worth twice that of a Michigan worker....but still neither of you are worth more than 15,000.  Here in KY we don't feel a monetary value can be placed on death I guess.

Visited Cincy and my first boyfriend Kevin.  Breifly got to talk to his BF Chris.  Enjoyed that time more than anything else in this trip.

Also got to visit the cincy equivalent to is good to know he has been around 4 years and does the same stuff I do.

Finally Ron...I think we are both going to attempt to stop "trying" cause that is annoying the hell out of me at least.  We are going to just shut-up and enjoy each other, and have our own lives I hope.  You can't offer anything to someone else until you have yourself in control.  Here is a song I have talked about here before.  I've never heard it anywhere but on my computer so I'll share it cause to is a very sweet...peaceful, song that I hope every person feels a connection to at some point in their life.  Click me


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