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Good Morning! second day off in a row....first time since before thanksgiving I have taken 2 days off. :-)
Tomorrow is pay day! Yes!!! I am gonna go out to the bar I think here in daville and have a night out with friends.
This apartment has been pretty lively lately. Arty moved some stuff in and stayed the night, and my friend ricky has been crashing here past two days. Went out to dinner with my friend Jason last night and supopsed to chill with Nathan this evening. So...its been a good active past two days.
Been playing the sims and putting characters in my life into the neighborhood. :-) Been kinda fun. If only I can get some love into that world it will be as crazy as my own.
Few more weeks until we see what happens regarding the student aid money from UofL. I dont plan on going this semester...but I also wont mind the check! I dont know...but anyways
Coast Guard....still debating whether to join it! lol. I have to soon cause I am getting old. But I can work within my major : Public Affairs. Plus...I have always liked uniforms....and the coast guard in my mind is the Military Lite.:-)
Well...lots of stuff happening in the world of Matt. All good really so pretty happy with that.
I am gonna redesign my homepage using Flash. Derrick is gonna be forced to show me how.

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