Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
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So it has passed.  I have transformed now to a new place in the time line of my life.  As I told my bartender last night...

I am closer to 50 than I am to 0.  lol. 

So...when your driving to a location, say from Louisville to Cincinatti.  After the half way point do you tell people who ask where you :

1. I am 87 miles from Louisville?

2. I am 23 miles from Cincinatti?

I think the obvious choice is number 2.  So I think I am going to calculate my age in the same manner.  50 is the marker, so where am I in life?   24.  :-) to my grandparents today.  Thats always fun, they feel the same way I do about Bush.  My grandmother in her spanish accent all 5'2" tall and usually with her apron on...."I hate that man..."  And granddad a WW2 veteran always then cuts in to remind the room how much his medical costs at VA hospital have increased.  And then I sit back and wonder how the war time president rationalizes shafting people who truely fought a war that had to be fought.  Anyhow...

I changed some of the water in the little tank.  The big one seems able to cycle itself through, the little one seems alot more delicate and dependant upon chemicals and my intereaction with it.  My babies are about twice if not more the size they were when they got the newer bigger pad, I think in a week they will be moved to the bigger tank where I finally noticed a new born baby hiding around the places I have created to shelter them, I'll grab them and put them off in the nursery at that point.  I think it is cool that I have raised 6 fish now with little knowledge of what I am doing.

Anyhow  Got a call yesturday from my boss who started with "Are you still alive?"  I was like yes,course I am ....he said havent made any reports or calls since wednesday, and we were wondering.  I responded with... "two things....1.  Its funny I am so important it took you all 48 hours to notice my absence. 2. A month ago you and Patricia approved my time off for my birthday these two days.  " He was like...oh, you know your right.  Have a good vacation and I'll talk to you Monday.  I laughed with Ron over this because just 30 min. from the call I told him I doubt they even remember I am off.  Thats the problem with having a company so de-centralized as ours.

I want a new laptop.  I've looked around and cant find anything that compares to the M675CS from gateway.  It has everything I want and nothing extra.  256 mb sucks but I have 512 in this one so borrow from peter to pay paul saves me 500 dollars.  The newer version sports a 17.1" screen...a Radeon 9600 graphics card...full keyboard....its the deal. 


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