Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


So not sure if I mentioned this before but there is this terminally str8 bartender whom is exceptionally gifted in the looks categpry that I always see at Ruby Tuesday's. Brian suggested he go out with me some weekend so I am shooting for this weekend. I think having an exceptionally cute str8 friend will be cool...I seem to have very few cute friends around that I havent slept this may be the beginning of either my str8 friends category getting a guy in the dept. or it may be his intro to being j/j!!!Derrick and Ron are already aware of the hopes are that if he is boardline gay I can bow out and Derrick can step in....course I'll be extremely hatefull to Derrick for about a week...but then again he still would be saving me from crossing a line.
In other news ... Cleo the grey cat I have is pissed at me. She meows WAY too much and finally this morning I threw a comb at her. I know abuse is wrong...but think of the abuse your getting when all you hear no matter what room your in is
"meow". She quickly stoped and jetted to the bedroom. I have just now seen her for the first time in 5 hours....and.....she didnt meow.
Anyhow....possibly tonight me and Lyza are going out. She found some new friends and has completely ignored me...this is her attempt to make up for that fact. So....whatever.
BTW...Ron and I are good. A step back sometimes brings the whole picture into view.

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