Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

14.8 Overheated

So Lyza and I went out tonight.  I didnt let my cold stop me.  Or the fact that I already had gone out drank 6 beers, 2 shots of Wild Turkey and already thrown  The foundation was set for another Saturday night.  But it was fun...Lyza and I decided to share a something called MDMA....shhhhssss....dont tell anyone.  And as we were sitting on the balcony ay Connections I said...hey that looks like Carson from the Fab 5.  Figuring it was a mixture of the shots, exstacy, or my blindness I assumed it wasnt.  I was quickly corrected.  So that was a treat...I wanted to ask him to go shopping with me tomorrow...but I figured he already had 

Here is a pic of us (me and Lyza) was a fun weekend event.  I think the drinking, or the Claritin....maybe it was the antihistamine or the x or the friends I forgot all about my cold.  Now...I am going to attempt to find my keys and go to bed at Ron's....if I cant find them....then I guess I'll sleep alone. 


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